I currently offer 3 body styles.  The SJ, (small jumbo), the SP, (signature parlor), and the SD (signature dreadnought).


Irvin SJ

The Irvin jumbo model is designed to be an explosive and versatile instrument. It has the fingerstyle player in mind, yet gives them the capability to let the full sound of a sweet strum hang in the air for as long as they want it to.


upper bout - 11

lower bout - 15 1/2

waist - 9 1/2

body length - 19 1/2

depth at the tail 4 1/2

body length 19 1/2

string spacing 1 3/4 at the nut - 2 1/4 at the saddle

scale length 25.5


Irvin SP

The Irvin Signature Parlor is a 12-fret to the body, small body guitar. An incredibly comfortable guitar to play, designed for tremendous clarity on every note up and down the entire fretboard. Lots of volume and beautiful sustain.


upper bout 9 7/8

waist 8 1/2

lower bout 13 7/8

depth at the heel 3 1/4

depth at the tail 4 1/4

body length 19 1/2

string spacing 1 3/4 at the nut - 2 1/4 at the saddle

scale length 25.5


Irvin SD

The Irvin signature dreadnought is designed to be the bluegrass picker's dream as well as for those who love the dreadnought size and power. Designed to produce great presence of rhythm with ability to really dig into the lead riffs when needed. Its a big guitar with big sound.


upper bout 11 3/8

waist 10 1/2

lower bout 16

depth at the heel 4

depth at the tail 5

body length 20 1/2

string spacing 1 3/4 at the nut - 2 1/4 at the saddle

scale length 25.4

Check out, 'what others are saying' about Irvin guitars.

"My new Irvin guitar just keeps opening up as I play it. Great dynamic range. It holds the passion of songs together when I surge then rings true and clear in my most intimate moments. It helps me push beyond my capabilities. What a gift!" - Eric Stephen Bocks

what others are saying

"The first time I picked up an Irvin guitar, I knew I was holding something special. The attention to detail, the solid craftsmanship and stunning tone captured me immediately.  I feel like I am creating art with a piece of art in my hands. It is truly inspiring."  after a recent concert, "It sounded AMAZING! Much better than any acoustic I have played on a live stage!" -  Stephen Leiweke - Yackland Studio - Nashville, TN 

"It doesn't get any better than this. I have no critique for this guitar."  -  Daniel Kohavi - Check out his band; "Wildeyes band"

"In addition to being visually beautiful, what I love about Irvin Guitars is their sheer playability.  Acoustic feel with the ease of an electric.  Luthier, Wayne Johnson has a keen eye for detail without complicating things.  He knows when to let the beauty of the wood shine through." - Grant Ferris - Nashville based guitarist and composer.  

"In a world where acoustic guitar builders are typically rehashing designs of yersteryear, Wayne brings something new and interesting. Functional necks and super balanced response across the fretboard makes his guitars really stand out."  - Austin Fields,  Nashville musician

Here is a simple little sound clip recorded in my shop using just my iphone.