It’s always a special moment when amazing musicians fall in love with my guitars. Please enjoy this section. Get to know each one by simply clicking on any image. You’ll be directed to their website. I am so grateful to everyone who owns an Irvin and for their many kind words.

2017 International Fingerstyle Champion

“I am utterly blown away by this instrument and feel deeply grateful for the opportunity to play it. His instruments are like nothing I’ve ever experienced!”

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Singer songwriter - California

“My new Irvin guitar just keeps opening up as I play it. Great dynamic range. It holds the passion of songs together when I surge then rings true and clear in my most intimate moments. It helps me push beyond my capabilities. What a gift”

Powerful duo from Kirkland, WA

“I picked the guitar up a week ago last Thursday evening, brought it home and thought I would just lightly listen to its sound for 5-10 minutes. 2 hours later I had to put it down. I had to go to bed and get up early the next day! I knew I was playing a guitar but it sounded like a fine grand piano. The overtones and resonance were amazing.” Bhaj Townsend

“Balanced, sustain, responsive, wonderful distinctive guitars!” Gordon Currie

Stephen Leiweke

Nashville musician - sound engineer - owner of Yackland Studios

“The first time I picked up an Irvin guitar, I knew I was holding something special. The attention to detail, the solid craftsmanship and stunning tone captured me immediately. I feel like I am creating art with a piece of art in my hands. It is truly inspiring." after a recent concert, "It sounded AMAZING! Much better than any acoustic I have played on a live stage!"

Outstanding Nashville based band

“It doesn’t get any better than this!” Daniel Kohavi

Singer Songwriter - author - speaker Nashville

“I love my Irvin Guitar”

Newsong Band

“I am amazed at this fine instrument Wayne of Irvin Guitars made for me and you never know what you will get when you have something built but this is dead on. This is not an “off the shelf” Guitar, it’s high quality in every way. I have enjoyed playing this on tour now and look forward to the enjoyment well into my retirement years with it. Thanks again Wayne!”

Andrew Osenga

Singer Songwriter - Nashville